April 9th, 2020

We have some very delighted clients who Max helped achieve their dream of buying an MOT and service garage. He arranged a loan of £150,000 towards the purchase and received the following….

Dear Max,

Words cannot describe just how thankful and grateful we are for everything you have done for Stuart and me.   So much so I feel compelled to write a letter of thanks for the service received and give a well-deserved testimonial.

Back in 2017, we had a dream to expand the business.  And after an exhausting search for new premises for two years, we had almost given up.  Finding premises for the B2 to licence trade is not easy.  One morning in January 2019 Stuart was about to remove himself from the estate agents mailing list and put his dream on hold.  The very same day an email came through with a freehold property for sale, along with the business goodwill, fixtures and fittings. RARE GOLD!

It was way above our budget, but we went to take a look.  Nothing ventured, nothing gained right.  It was perfect and we instantly fell in love with it.  We immediately started to find investors to help us make this dream come true.  We got in touch with our financial advisor and he recommended we get in touch with you.

You were so friendly and welcoming on our first call.  I was so nervous as I didn’t really know what to say, having never done anything like this before.  You put us at ease from the start.  We had a long journey ahead as we had to negotiate with investors and make sure we could really afford the purchase.  You were with us every step of the way, answering all our rookie questions and explaining everything to us in a way we could understand with ease.

Finally, over a year later, on the 31st of March, 2020, we exchanged and completed. Stuart moved into the new premises, on April Fool’s Day in the middle of a world pandemic no less.  We love a challenge.

With the amazing support of his incredible new team and his wonderful customers, we have every faith that this next step in our new chapter will be very successful.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping make our dreams come true!

All the best for 2020.

Yours Sincerely