June 20th, 2012

2XL Commercial deal with a number of professional introducers and it is through their professionalism and understanding of their clients that possible customers pass our desks – in some instances they may have had a relationship with a bank or a previous broker and it is down to 2XL Commercial to try and offer a different solution.

One such instance was Alexander Developments – specialists in Student Accommodation in and around Leicester and having developed a large student residence using a development loan it was now time to utilize that asset to raise further capital for other projects and provide a term facility.

The customer’s testimonial says it all…

“I have worked with Darren over the last year and found his overall service to be impressive. There is no doubt his previous banking experience with Lloyds is invaluable and helps him close deals which others cannot.

In our case refinance was sought after our company has completed construction of a student accommodation development. Many banks and brokers loved the deal but their terms were unimpressive. After being introduced to Darren, through a mutual friend, we worked hard together to put the deal together and Darren’s presentation was excellent. He secured us a deal that shocked other brokers – the same brokers who had repeatedly told me that this was not possible.

Lastly, when putting a deal together communication is key. Whether things are going well or not, you just need to know. This is Darren’s other strength-he gets back to you via phone or email as soon as he can. When completing a large deal you cannot ask for any more. I have no hesitation in recommending Darren”.

Alexander Developing Limited.