August 12th, 2021

Like Buses… 2  investment loan completions for Director Max Stinchcombe

Max has been pleased to help a client with an investment loan of £140,000 for commercial premises in Huddersfield. This was not a straightforward transaction as the ground floor is let to retail whilst upstairs is offices. At the time of the enquiry, rents were not being paid and as a result, the appetite shown by lenders was weak.

However, the client was experienced and was able to negotiate new rental agreements and as a result, the loan was placed. The client commented, “I enjoy working with you as a professional and I have already recommended you to my accountant and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending you to other business connections.”

The second transaction is an investment loan against the security of student accommodation. This involved refinancing an existing loan and raising capital for another purchase. The loan was for £490k. Max was able to negotiate a reduction in the interest rate being charged for the benefit of the client who said, “You are always available and I appreciate your flexible approach – you always find a solution!”