October 16th, 2013

Tim Bamber recently has assisted old acquaintances whom he originally met nearly 15 years ago.

Marcus Milton & Kirsty Cook operate 2 large houses in the heart of the Peak District, the larger one being able to accommodate 20 guests. Tim first assisted them back in his banking days and can claim to be partly responsible for helping them to develop the business they have today, which also includes 2 holiday villas in Crete (for details please see www.rentavillacrete.com)

In the late 1990s, funding was provided to enable them to acquire their first holiday letting property which is in fact now their home. They have subsequently bought 2 substantial properties which cater for group and family weekends.

For details please refer to their website www.peakweekends.com

The properties are now well established and provide large and comfortable accommodation which is hard to find in the Peaks. Recently they have been helped to refinance term debt and now have new facilities which have been put in place at market leading rates.

Marcus & Kirsty comment as follows; ‘’We have known Tim for many years and always respected his advice and judgement. When we needed help to put in place a new long term funding package he was our natural choice to turn to for advice. He has the benefit of knowing how banks work from the inside and once again has used this to our advantage and put together a package which we believe is second to none. We believe we could not have the terms now provided without his knowledge and expertise.’’